Effexor XR (venlafaxine hydrochloride) is a medication meant for the therapy of misery, generalized anxiety condition, social anxiety disorder and some various other problems of the kind that could have an effect on the high quality of your life by creating undesirable signs. Effexor XR stands for the extended-release type of the medication, so it is supposed to be taken daily. Never incorporate Effexor XR with any drugs prior to talking with your health and wellness care supplier, particularly if those are MAO preventions. At eastern 14 days are expected to pass between a dose of Effexor XR and a MAO inhibitor you have actually taken or intend to take. If you do not feel the benefits at start, you require to take this medicine with some meals and make sure you take it regularly also. It might take you many weeks to think of the initial perks of the therapy. The following side effects are feasible when taking Effexor XR: lightheadedness, weight management, anxiety, obscured eyesight, tiredness, sleep problems, sweating, queasiness, puking, constipation, weakness, anxiety, and dry mouth. You will certainly should state these side impacts just of they obtain serious or aggravating and disrupt your everyday life and typical activities. If you have an installment of frenzy (enjoyment and higher power for no explanation), this might be a substantial negative effects of taking Effexor XR. If you are really feeling disheartened - this may be yet one more episode associated with the procedure. You will certainly have to inform your healthcare company of all the installments of this kind. This drug is not expected to develop a habit, you may get drawback symptoms if you quit taking it unexpectedly. Make certain you take Effexor XR for as long as recommended, yet never ever go over the dose suggested - as this is not a way to obtain better outcomes. Consult your physician if you think you have to start any one of the complying with medicines and intend to take them all at once with Effexor XR: other antidepressants, weight-loss items, narcotic pain relievers, sleep assistances, antipsychotic medications, and tranquilizers. Any type of other prescribed or over the counter drugs you could wish to take also should be talked about with your health and wellness care provider to make sure you are getting the full benefits from your therapy without dealing with any undesirable negative effects triggered by interactions. Pregnant women are not supposed to take this medication, as a child may experience drawback symptoms at childbirth and later on if Effexor XR is taken shortly prior to distribution. Make sure you never ever take this medicine throughout maternity and prevent breastfeeding without chatting to your medical professional. An overdose of this medication can be lethal with the following symptoms displaying: sluggish or rapid heartbeat, tiredness, coma, seizures, vertigo, and low blood pressure. Find emergency clinical help if you think you may have overdosed. Outlet this medicine in a securely shut compartment in some place where it will certainly run out the reach of kids and other people to which it was not prescribed. You in charge of keeping this medication in a secure location and avoiding others from abusing it.